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Nazi's were socialists

A few years ago on a wrestling board another poster called me a NAZI.I think did this because of my prior criticism's regarding Leftist Ideology.They were shocked when I responded that the Nazi's were socialists.They stated that only a idiot would believe this to be the fact.I've researched this since that time subject and I guess I'll always be an idiot in any brainwashed leftist's opinion. This is a good link to start researching this subject if you are interested.


Blogger jukelahoopla said...

I'm not sure leftists are brainwashed BOG. We are born ignorant, immature, irrational, and rebelious... identical to leftist ideology and logic (or lack therof). Leftists just never have given up being wet behind the ears.

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Blogger bog said...

I think leftists err in placing too much of their faith in the state.I believe that individuals create a better society by the personal choices they make in their lives.As a general rule I believe that a state will govern best that governs the least.

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Blogger jukelahoopla said...

Undoubtedly, but an inkling of truth is in my first comment. Have you noticed the left's behavior and fights often mimmick that of immature, irrational children wanting their way. Often the left wants things to change from the "old", ignoring Hisory in it's entirety, and plunging headlong and unscrupulously into decadence and destruction. The most fascinationg and incongruous position they take is when they profess openness and then body slam everyone else who "isn't open to their new idea's". How absolutely intellectually retarded.

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Blogger bog said...

I agree.Leftists expect the state to assume a parental role in their well being.Leftists also ignore history as you stated.They always expect to establish their heaven on earth without the consequent bloodshed that's been involved historically every time they tried out their collectivist nightmare in the past.

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Blogger bog said...

Some leftists believe that the nazi's couldn't have been socialists because they were anti-communist.That's really funny IMHO because the LEFT could use the same half-baked logic to portray Stalin as a anti-marxist.Stalin wiped out all of his socialist opponents within the SOVIET UNION just like Hitler wiped out all of his socialist opponents within Germany.According to the LEFT'S hare-brained logic Stalin must also have been ANTI-MARXIST . Nazism and Fascism were just two nationalistic heresies within the greater socialist movement.NAZISM WAS ABOUT AS DIFFERENT FROM COMMUNISM as the CRIPS are from the BLOODS.

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Blogger bog said...

Hoopla ,Yeagley wrote an article that agrees with you......BOG............................................................ Why Communism Loves Children
By David Yeagley | May 6, 2005

Communism needs children. Only children will obey the tyranny of adult delusions without question. Only the young are naïve enough to hate all authority and to destroy all achievement. For youth, Communism is not a delusion but an exciting, heroic cause.
Cambodia’s Pol Pot knew this. He overtook his country on April 17, 1975, with a huge gang of young teenagers called the Khmer Rouge. Through these obedient subjects, Pol Pot murdered nearly 2 million people of his own nation, one-third of the population. In less than four years, Pol Pot created a society of pure Communism—ghastly, murderous tyranny.

Jean-Louis Margolin, in “Cambodia: A Country of Disconcerting Crimes,” in The Black Book of Communism (ed. Mark Kramer. Harvard: 1999), says that Pol Pot tried to establish Communism “in one fell swoop, without the long transitional period” that characterized the Marxist method.” Though his party was called the Party of Democratic Kampuchea, it was a horde of raw hellions. “Money was abolished in a week, total collectivization was achieved in less than two years; social distinctions were suppressed by the elimination of entire classes of property owners, intellectuals, and businessmen, and the ancient antagonism between urban and rural areas was solved by emptying the cities in a single week” (p.577).

The enforcers of this disaster were “programmed” youth. Pol Pot separated children from parents and indoctrinated them with fanatical denial of natural affection and respect for familial relationships. He understood the latent resentment of youth toward parents and adults, and youth’s penchant for destruction. Destruction is naturally exciting. Pol Pot knew that there was a “killing field” in the heart of the young, and he tapped into that virgin resource. This is clear in Roland Joffé’s 1984 documentary, The Killing Fields.

Children surrendered their natural family bonds to the unnatural vision of the Anka, the party, the Big Brother. Children became part of a national gang, and they reveled in the thrills of vandalism. Youth were given orders to not only be disrespectful to parents and adults, but to betray them, to be physically cruel to them, and even to murder them. Children under this satanic delusion could not be dissuaded or relieved.

Yet even in accounts like Children of Cambodia’s Killing Fields (Yale: 1999) and Jean-Louis Margolin’s essay, there is always stark neglect to account for Pol Pot’s use of children. Children of Cambodia’s Killing Fields emphasizes the horror stories of children who survived the victimization; there are no studies of how the children of the Khmer Rouge were recruited and indoctrinated. Margolin’s artful 70-page essay only mentions the destruction of family relations in passing, and not as the foundation of Khmer Rouge Communism.

The Communist spirit of resentment and violence was deeply absorbed by these kidnapped children. There was nothing to prevent the tide of megalomania. No religion in this essentially rural country could serve as a shield against the depravity of human nature to which Communism appealed. Buddhism was impotent, and the “Khmer smile” of Apsara, indigenous goddess of Cambodia, was an indifferent mockery.

But Communism is the god of discontent, and needs no blessing. All it needs is a heart willing to hate, willing to call envy “justice.” Equality then means the violent destruction of all social and cultural distinctions. Freedom means absolute dictatorship over the people.

Sounds like a police state, yet similar underlying conditions are developing in American youth, under our own nose. How? Because of prescribed permissiveness in American public schools: police are required to enforce the most basic, necessary child control. Kindergarteners are being arrested, handcuffed, and taken out of their schools, because only the police exercise physical authority in schools: teachers have abdicated discipline. Other adults merely frustrate the child with meaningless words.

Through this new Communism, the child is in this sense “equal” to the adult, and thus controls the day. The child answers only to the police. Children are indoctrinated to expect police intervention for safety and discipline. Control doesn’t come from the adults in schools, or the adults at home, but rather from the police, or Big Brother.

“Policed” conditions already exist in other countries of the world. And the need for a world police state, a global government, has been advocated for decades. But no one thinks about the role indoctrinated children play in the development of such a world.

Learn from America: Leftist school legislation says teachers must not control the child. Let the child rule.

This generation of children may become the next street thugs whose rebellion paves the way for a more authoritarian state. And no child will be left behind.Dr. David A. Yeagley is a published scholar, professionally recorded composer, and an adjunct professor at the University of Oklahoma College of Liberal Studies. He's on the speakers list of Young America's Foundation. E-mail him at View his website at

THis article is on the following link.

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Blogger bog said...

Racism is a collectivist philosopy just like socialism.Neither philosophy encourages individuality.Racists always prefer their group and blame others for all their problems. Their solution for a perfect society is to cleanse their society of every individual that is different.Leftists advance their agenda through their politics of hate in a similar manner. They blame everything on the evil rich and want to reduce every member of society to the same level.They don't want to allow economic differences due to effort and successful choices by individuals.

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