Sunday, April 03, 2005

Schiavo atrocity

I'll never understand how a disabled person can be treated worse than a animal in my own country. I fear for our nations future.Ms Schiavo was executed through the court order of one judge who believed Mr Schiavo's recollection. The judge didn't believe the contrary opinions by other's involved in this matter. I believe the judge was biased in his decision..The judge didn't seem to consider that Mr. Schiavo could be lying. He condemned a person to death when the tube was removed without any living will.I've read a lot regarding this the last two weeks and I'll always believe this decision to be unjust. Ms Schiavo was murdered.


Blogger bog said...

I can't get my mind off what happened.My father and uncles fought in World War II to stop nonsense like the Schiavo execution. I have a very close relative that's disabled by cerebral palsy that I love very much.I believe the Schiavo execution is the same type of deprivation of human dignity that eventually led to the our own nation's Civil War.I am absolutely serious.

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