Saturday, May 07, 2005


I LEARNED SOMETHING ABOUT THE BENEFIT REVIEW SYSTEM REGARDING THE FOODSTAMP PROGRAM IN OKLAHOMA WHILE DISCUSSING THE CROOKED CONTRACTOR WITH A STATE EMPLOYEE I KNOW.Evidently folks are now being certified for 12 months at a time in Oklahoma with frozen benefits according to a Federal option that is allowed to the various states. A frozen benefit amount means that the income can't be increased that is being used on the foodstamps case except at the 12 month recertifications and at the 6 month reviews in between certifications. I asked the fella I know,"Well what if someone starts a job part time and then their hours are increased. Are the stamps decreased?."He said not unless they become totally ineligible. He said a few years ago they could make changes at anytime in the dollars being counted on a foodstamp case but this can not be done with the new Benefit Review system. I asked him then,"Well does this cost the taxpayers more than in the past?"He replied '"Oh Yes,the Foodstamps recipient roles have increased nearly 50 % in OKLAHOMA. I then asked'"Why would Oklahoma deliberately choose to waste Federal dollars provided by it's taxpayers" and he then replyed'"Well it lowers the state error rate in administering the foodstamp program."He said it also prevents the state from being fined due to it's high error rate like it was in the past. I immediately replied,"Evidently it also makes Oklahoma look good while the baby is being thrown out with the bathwater." He wasn't happy about it either. HE SAID THIS IS BEING DONE ALL OVER THE USA AND IT STARTED UNDER BUSH. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED THAT OUR GOVERNMENT ALLOWS THE TAXPAYERS DOLLARS TO BE WASTED LIKE THIS.WHO'S MINDING THE STORE?


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