Friday, May 06, 2005

A guy bid some work at my house yesterday

A 40 some odd year old gentleman was going to charge me 1700 for his labor to do some needed repairs at my residence. We were conversing in a friendly manner and he told me that he was self employed while also collecting disability through social security. I HAVE NO EXACT IDEA WHY HE DECIDEDTO ENLIGHTEN ME REGARDING THIS BUT HE DID. I think he was trying to sell me on how and why his prices were less than his competitors. Anyway he also told me that he worked as a employee for his girl friend who owned the company. She would pay him under the table he said in large part.He said she did this in order to reduce the amount of income that he reported to the state and federal government.He was evidently wanting to maximize the benefits he received. I explained to my wife after he left that he'd never do any work for me.I informed her that he was a self confessed liar and a cheat IMHO. I DID SOME CHECKING LATTER ALSO AS I HAVE SEVERAL ACQUAINTANCES LOCALLY WITH BOTH STATE AND FEDERAL AGENCIES.THIS SELF CONFESSED THIEF HAS NEVER REPORTED ANY EARNED INCOME TO A STATE OR FEDERAL AGENCY WHILE RECEIVING DISABILITY INCOME. THIS LEADS ME TO BELIEVE THAT HE ALSO NEGLECTS TO FILE A TAX RETURN. He thinks this is kosher while I work a second job to support my children.My taxes are used in a small part to support this man.I RESENT THIS TYPE OF CRAP VERY MUCH.Why do so many people illegally try to use the taxpayers hard earned dollars as their personal gravy train? I'm very willing to help the truly needy since this country needs a safety net IMHO but he's just a crook.He mayeventually go to jail regarding what I reported to several governmental agencies this week..


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