Sunday, May 15, 2005

My views regarding Drugs

I think drug use is a horrible choice for anyone to make. It will not help any user in the long run.I've seen way too many people ruin their lives.I don't think our nation's drug policy is working however.Anyone that really wants drugs can obtain them in our society.Less affluent young people will often make a bad choice and spend time in prison where they incorporate the criminal culture. The wealthy usually spend little prison time. IN AMERICA ONE CAN BUY ALL THE JUSTICE THEY CAN AFFORD. People are seldom rehabilitated in prison IMHO unless it's their personal decision. Government cannot mandate correct behavior. Government can only set the conditions for it's citizens make wise choices .
I think some drugs like crystal meth,heroin and crack should remain illegal. I think any drug legalized should only be sold at the lowest dosage and in the rawest form possible. I think that a prescription would be needed to buy opium,coca leave,or lower toxicity marijuana.This would be so the state and local governments could track usage. I don't want drugs to be resold to anyone period by any individual . Any drugs purchased would only be for personal consumption by a particular individual.I think all drug products would need to be sold in liquor stores just like alcohol. I think tobacco products and alcohol should also only be sold in liquor stores as well. I would like to see cold beer and wine cooler sales cease. In my perfect world the State and Federal Government would tax the sales of all drug items as much as possible to decrease usage.


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