Sunday, May 15, 2005

My views regarding gambling

I used to gamble a little myself in college. I spent way too much time in poolhalls during this time.I remember playing the Chief Of Detectives agame of snooker in the poolhall in the community I lived in for a dollar several times .THERE WAS A SIGN ON THE WALL THAT SAID NO GAMBLING ALLOWED.Despite this I saw many police officers and lawyers gambling in the pool hall. It was gambling by the wink. I think this will always occur. I was running buddies with a lot of the local pool sharks also during this time period.I used to side bet a lot. I knew what running parley cards involved and I knew how to find the local bookies.
I think there will always be gambling of some sort. It's a way males compete with each other. Having sown my wildoats however I support limiting the effects of gambling on society.I don't want to see casino's on every corner and lottery tickets sold at every convenience store. As a libertarian I believe gambling should be allowed. I also favor restrictions upon where it can be located.I think it should be by county option after a state vote in favor of gambling.Each county would need to vote on whether they wanted to allow gambling after a state vote in favor.Any gambling allowed would still be regulated by state mandates in only certain specific areas.I think any revenue raised by gambling should go to the state.I'd want to thereby decrease the incentives for any particular county to adopt gambling.
I don't think that the various INDIAN TRIBES in Oklahoma should have any special rights regarding gambling .They are just another community of local citizens IMHO.


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