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Why Communism Loves Indians

Why Communism Loves Indians
By David April 22, 2003
Communism is the religion of envy. It says, “I want what you have. If you have a Cadillac, and I don’t, you have denied me, you have wronged me, and you owe me.”
In the case of the American Indian, it’s “I want what you took from me—the land!” That works just as well. Never mind that Indians fought and lost. America “wronged” the Indian.
Communism is the religion of hate. It says, “You have made me suffer. I will therefore violently take from you whatever you have that I want.” Suits Indian activists perfectly.
Communism redefines words. Envy now means justice. “Justice” means I have a right to have what’s yours. “Equality” means I deserve whatever you have. “Democracy” means the state makes sure I have what you have. Laws must prevent distinguished achievement, first in education, then in business.
Communism idolizes material things as the sole expression of value. If one has something valuable, everyone else should have it too, by moral rights. Communists call this “redistribution of wealth.” The only reason anyone has a Cadillac in the first place is because he deprived someone else of it, or, he took it from someone else.
Communists say they are agents of social change. They present themselves as champions of the poor and oppressed, like Robin Hood, robbing the rich and giving to the poor.
Communists appear like apostolic Christians, who believed in sharing everything. No one should have personal property (Acts 4:32).
Equality is made as visceral as human flesh, and interracial sex its ultimate expression.
We needn’t examine every political variant of Communism. The children of Communism are too numerous to tabulate. The discontent of envy can be aroused in almost any identifiable group. All become “oppressed”--ethnic groups, women, children, elderly, handicapped, even animals and plants. Animal rights are equal to human rights. Ecologists put trees before babies. This is all Communism in principle. Communism wants to destroy the achievements of the white male, and to subjugate him to all that he has had dominion over.
Feminism envies the strength of the male, and seeks to deny it. The male represents an inequality which Communism cannot tolerate. Feminists hate American Indian warrior images, and want them all removed. This is also why Xena: Warrior Princess was such a hit with women. She could defeat men.
In the name of Communist equality, you must devote your life to bringing down the achievers. This is the sinister element of envy, to destroy those who have more than you have, because you hate them for having more.
Communism is “progressive,” but like a parasite, lives off the achievements of others. Communists are agents of destruction and social dissolution, preparing for tyrants like Stalin, Pol Pot, or Mao Tse Tung. Anarchy precedes tyranny. The Black Book of Communism (Harvard, 1999) exposes all. Communist regimes have slaughtered more than 100 million civilians in the twentieth century.
Communism is a moral imperative without morality. Communism is like Christianity without Christ, a quick-fix morality, requiring no personal standards, but offering the high social status of reforming others—through coercion.
Communism appears to advocate the best for all, but actually denies the best to all, namely individual freedom, independence, and opportunity to advance. Communism, like its relative, radical Islam, is just another ploy to give a few megalomaniacs power over the masses.
Communism uses any available “victims” for revolution. Among ethnic groups, the American Indian is the prime candidate. The Indian appears to have the strongest moral basis for protest toward America. Therefore Communists early put Indians on the Communist warpath. This is how the American Indian Movement (AIM) was born.
Kenneth Stern early advocated violence as AIM’s tool for social change. Of course, AIM is silent about it’s Communist origins, and many AIM members today don’t realize the connections. Douglass Duhram, an early FBI infiltrator of AIM, is denounced by modern AIMsters, but he revealed much of their Communist base.
Indian casinos are advocated as means to financial independence for Indian tribes, but instead they are havens for illegal trafficking of drugs, guns, money, and people--a Communist’s dream.
Communism simply found a new mascot in the American Indian. Communists counted coup. Anti-Americanism was never so validated as when Indians stood up to protest.
But Communism is not just the enemy of America. Communism is the enemy of man. All ethnic groups should be aware that Communism uses them all as anti-American “mascots,” all dancing for the death of their own freedom.
Dr. David A. Yeagley is a published scholar, professionally recorded composer, and an adjunct professor at the University of Oklahoma College of Liberal Studies. He's on the speakers list of Young America's Foundation. E-mail him at View his website at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you hate Native Americans??

8:10 PM  
Anonymous BOG said...

Yeagley is Native American .A few of my girlfriends were also Native American while I was younger.I don't hate anybody.I have relatives with CDIB cards.

8:13 PM  

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