Sunday, June 12, 2005


I think most of the hostility displayed towards illegal immigrants is a justified resentment of foreigners abusing a welfare system that they never contributed any taxes to. Our current USA policy turns away potential immigrants with resources while allowing illegal immigrants to abuse our medicaid system. The illegal immigrants children born here are citizens by birth and their illegal immigrant families often become dependent, tax-consuming burdens to our society. In the United States illegal immigaration is also tied in with illegal drugs and terrorism.I think that our PC culture has made Americans so afraid of being called racists that they let immigration policy be dictated by that fear? If preserving your culture and heritage is wrong, I don't want to be right. It's a simplistic to believe that everyone in the world should be free to travel and settle wherever they like like some libertarians .Dropping all immigration controls would just create more problems for our society. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE.


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