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Liberals are always wrong

Okay--Not All Liberals Are Evil; But They Are Always Wrong -->Written by Jan LarsonMonday, June 06, 2005
FedEx, the worldwide shipping company, has recently been running a television advertisement [1] in which one character tells his co-worker, Ned, that, “he is always wrong.” Apparently “Ned” thinks that a popular tourist attraction in Italy is called the “leaning tower of pizza” and that his employer provides “French benefits.”

Much like Ned, those on the political left, especially the far left, (“liberals”) are always wrong. Virtually every idea that liberals embrace is wrong; especially anything that has a basis in economics.

Liberals want to raise taxes on the most successful until there is no reason for anyone to try to be successful anymore. John Kerry campaigned on the idea that the President’s tax cuts were an “unfair” giveaway to the wealthy. Liberals like Kerry would take those taxes (until they dried up) and fund more and more programs designed to do nothing more than further every citizen’s dependence on government.

Liberals like Ted Kennedy want to raise the minimum wage. Sure everyone would like to make more money. The problem with raising the minimum wage is that many of those that would ostensibly benefit from an increased minimum wage will end up unemployed. That is the economic reality. Nice, Ted.

Capitalism allowed Americans to build the most technically advanced, affluent society the world has ever known, but liberals would turn the United States into a socialist welfare state not unlike failing European states such as Spain and France.

Liberals don’t know what makes capitalism work. It isn’t income redistribution or higher taxes on “the rich.” It isn’t rewarding people for their stupidity or laziness. It isn’t more regulation or more government. There isn’t a fixed size pie of wealth that must be carved up and distributed. What makes capitalism flourish is less government and lower taxes. It is providing opportunities for people of all backgrounds to be successful and that means getting out of the way. With less burdensome government intervention, capitalism is the engine that creates wealth and increases the standard of living for everyone.

Liberals believe that government is always the answer, but time and time again, it has been shown that government is not only not the answer, but is often the problem. The Social Security program is a looming mathematical disaster waiting to happen. It is only a matter of time. The liberal solution? Leave it alone. Let people take ownership of their retirement? Nope. Liberals such as Harry Reid figure that Americans must be too stupid to do that. The liberals are wrong again.

Worse than being simply wrong about something is being hypocritical. Liberals preach tolerance, but liberals are the most single-mindedly intolerant people you will ever find.

Doubt it? Tell that to the Boy Scouts of America. One of the most honorably intentioned groups for young people in America, the Boy Scouts are hounded at every turn by the ACLU and other liberal elites that don’t like the Scouts’ membership practices, despite the fact that the U. S. Supreme Court has upheld those practices.

Never mind the First Amendment, liberal college administrators routinely implement speech codes that stifle any speech that might be interpreted by anyone as offensive and those elite administrators get to decide who is offended. Hypocritically, those same administrators will invite America-haters such as Ward Churchill to speak on campus, paid by student fees. North Carolina–Wilmington professor, Dr. Mike Adams, regularly provides examples of such campus nonsense in his columns [2]. I suggest Dr. Adams’ work be required reading for anyone with college students in their family.

Liberals will fight for the rights of murderers and terrorists, witness the furor over alleged abuses of the Koran at Guantanamo Bay, but the state sanctioned killing of Terri Schiavo (make no mistake, it was a killing) as ordered a liberal judge George Greer, was perfectly acceptable.

Liberals advocate more “affordable housing” but in the San Francisco area (as well as others), there are so many restrictions on land use that developers cannot build suitable housing for anyone less they disturb the “natural environment.” Liberals advocate personal freedoms but lead the fight to implement smoking bans. Liberals have so effectively opposed forest management in western states that virtually every summer brings devastating fires.

Economically challenged and hypocritical, liberals don’t stop there. Liberals are also paranoid. The most extreme would have you believe that if left to their own devices, conservatives would turn rivers and lakes into cesspools, fill the skies with acrid smoke, chop down every tree, kill every animal, re-institute slavery, and force everyone to recite the Ten Commandments every hour on the hour.

Wrong at every turn, liberals would be funny if not so dangerous. They are dangerous because so many don’t see just how wrong they are.

About the Writer: Jan A. Larson is currently employed in private industry in Texas. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska, a Master of Science degree from the University of Kansas and an MBA from Colorado State University.


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