Sunday, June 12, 2005

My thoughts regarding AA

There was training at work on subtance abuse that was conducted by AA and NA members.The training was designed to help individuals recognize substance abuse etc.Something about the trainers made me nervous. I've had some personal experience regarding substance abuse and I noticed how the AA devotees I knew personally would continually fall off the wagon over and over again. I also had philosophical differences due to my individualist outlook.
I've read a little regarding this since then and I now have found other evidence supporting why a individualist like myself was turned off by the aa philosophy. This link provides analternativeto AA. . It seems to be a good alternative for anyone seeking help with a substance abuse problem that can't handle the cult like aspects of AA. and are links expressing disagreement with the philosophy of AA.
Everyone has people they know or care about with substance abuse problems.In my personal experience long term sobriety by former addicts has nothing to do with any 12 step group. I KNOW TWO RELATIVES WHO QUIT DRINKING AND SMOKING THROUGH THEIR PERSONAL RELIGIOUS FAITH. I've never known personally a member of aa that didn't admit to relapses.


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