Sunday, January 22, 2006


Who Will Push the Red Button?In 2000, I made a presentation on the subject of “dirty money” to a wonderful group of about 100 people gathered outside of Philadelphia to affirm and explore their commitment to the spiritual evolution of our culture. During my talk, after walking the group through an analysis of the enormous profits generated by narcotics trafficking, financial fraud and other types of organized crime, as well as the reinvestment of this money in the stock market and campaign war chests, I asked the members what would happen to the stock market if we decriminalized or legalized drugs and thus seriously adversely affected the narco profiteering business. The stock market would crash, they responded. What would happen to the government's ability to borrow more money to finance the deficit if we enforced all money-laundering laws and, as a result, $500 billion to $1 trillion of annual laundered funds no longer moved through the US banking system? If the government could not finance its operations by borrowing money at low cost, their taxes might go up. Worse yet, their government checks might stop as government program expenditures were cut, they said. I then asked them to imagine a big red button at the front of the lectern. By the power of their imaginations, if they pushed that button they could stop all organized crime and money laundering in the United States. Who would push the button? Only one person in that audience of 100 people committed to spiritually evolve our society said they would push the button. Upon reflection, 99 would not. I asked why. They said that if they pushed the button, the value of their mutual funds would go down, their taxes would go up and their government checks might stop. I commented that what they were proposing was that an entire infrastructure of people continue to market hard narcotics to their children and grandchildren to maintain the value of their mutual and pension funds. They said, yes, that was right. Such popular support for cheap financing from dirty money goes well beyond this candid audience. Indeed, most of us are party to maintaining this negative ROI economy. The future of our democratic freedoms depends on our adopting financially responsible and profitable strategies to collectively “push the red button” in a way that makes our world better instead of worse. Such strategies do exist. These are actions we can take immediately both individually and collectively at the grassroots. Are you ready to push the red button? The process for individuals starts with adopting a personal intention to transform our world. We have the power to take personal responsibility to learn how the money works in our neighborhoods and our lives and workplaces, and then take steps to cleanse the money in our control. In short, it's time to electrify the power of our intention with the power of our transactions.Each dime we spend is a “vote” in the marketplace. We can vote with the temple priests or we can vote with our consciences for leaders and businesses that demonstrate through their daily transactions and decisions that they truly care. What an enormous opportunity we have, if each one of us will switch our votes. After several thousand years, there is no time like the present to start voting for ourselves and our planet instead of with the money changers and temple priests that feed at their monetary and lending troughs.


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Interesting website you linked to.

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I think Ms Fitts has an interesting perspective on current events.

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