Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March 14th ,2006 It should rain soon

I had to put a container garden in today so I could go to NCAA 's for wrestling the next 3 days. I bought some 55 gallon plastic barrels at an auction recently .I cut them in 1/2 last night. I could only get 5 1/2 barrels in the back of my little pickup. I drove to a local sewage plant that composts yard waste and it's own effluent. I filled those 1/2 barrels with the compost which is free if you load it yourself..THE WIND WAS BLOWING!! Talk about a crappy job.

When I got home.I had to transport those 1/2 barrels 15 yards to where I wanted them. I leveled the ground and we planted asparagus,strawberries and potatoes.We planted 3 kinds of potatoes this year.The barrels were for strawberries.They better taste good.


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