Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Where the heck is OKLAHOMA anyway?

While I traveled around the country in the past I was continually accused of being a TEXAN. I'd tell folks I was from Oklahoma and I get a blank look from quite a few people.The football fanatics were always familiar with the Sooners at least.

When I was a kid we lived in in New Jersey for a year. I remember playing marbles with a bunch of kids on the playground when the topic turned for some reason to "where everyone was from." Everything was more ethnic there and everyone was proudly proclaiming their heritage. We had Irish -Americans,German-Americans,Polish- Americans,Italian- Americans and so on. I didn't know what to say. Eventually some of the kids asked me point blank where I was from. They all knew I talked differently already and they were curious. I answered that my family came to New Jersey from Oklahoma.Another kid exclaimed,"Where's that in Europe?" I replied that Oklahoma was in the United States just like New Jersey. I don't think anyone really believed anything I ever said after that.


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