Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bog's plan to reduce illegal immigration

I think that heavy fines on businesses that hire illegals will be more productive than trying to stop illegals at the border.I think that the borders must be protected as well as possible also though and everyone knows this costs money.It also costs a lot of money to warehouse and feed the illegals until we can send them back to wherever they came from.The expense is tremendous and most illegals will find another way to get back over our border eventually if that's their ultimate desire.
Here's my plan ....Lets divide the entire cost of the various programs involved to stem illegal immigration by the number of illegals apprehended on average. When we catch illegals in the future they can work for free until they reimburse the government for their % expenditure and also pay their fine to our government.This way the USA can actually profit off illegal immigration. Nobody likes working for free.This is what I call a market disincentive. The majority of illegals will hopefully soon be breaking our laws with the result being only that they'll work for free in our fields once my remedy is the law of the land.The businesses currently profiting off illegal immigration can pay the government instead of the individual illegals.I think illegal immigration will quickly subside if this policy is enacted.


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