Sunday, April 02, 2006

The War in IRAQ is basically over?

by: Rex Francis, April 2, 2006
The War in Iraq is Over
You heard it here first; the war in Iraq is over., a website that tracks casualties in Iraq, shows that the daily American military death toll has been steadily dropping for the past six months. March, 2006 had the second lowest KIA rate since the war began. Of course the numbers are misleading. It will come as a surprise to some that the widely proclaimed milestone of two thousand military deaths in the Iraq war included soldiers and marines killed in vehicle accidents, those that died of natural causes, and those that killed themselves. At the time of reporting there has still not been two thousand American troops killed in action in Iraq. Of course, one fallen hero is one too many.
The fact that the mainstream media has spun the numbers in an attempt to paint the Iraq war as a "quagmire" is prima facie evidence of their contempt for the Bush administration. The Sunday talk shows today made little or no mention of the overwhelming progress in Iraq. Iraq has become a boring success. There is little political advantage in the stories coming from the war theatre for Democrats, so it won't be mentioned much in the future.
Watch for a change of subject. Now that Iraq has joined Afghanistan as perhaps the greatest triumph of foreign policy in recent American history, the mainstream media will focus on something else. It may be Iran's belligerency. It may be the broken roadmap for peace in Palestine. It may even be the "racist" elections in Louisiana. One thing is certain, whatever the next Big Topic is that's selected by big media, it will be negative and it will be George W. Bush's fault.
This is a good thing.
Without Big Media focus, there will be less incentive for grand acts of destruction in Iraq. Without publicity, the thugs will have no reason to kill themselves and others. The war is over; the troops have won. The silence of the press will be the final proof.


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